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Gold Piggy Advertising Centre

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How to earn Lindens with Gold Piggy

Want to earn an extra 25 L$?

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The Kaitlin Times Editor

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Kaitlin Rayna Aka Purkleberry Kait

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Gold Piggy

















Increase Traffic and $ Earn Free Lindens by clicking the gold piggy and teleporting around and visiting Locations. Click the gold piggy and wait 5 minutes then get paid 1 L$ or more. Owners pay a total of 2 L$ one to the visitor and one to the creator per person, per click. Owners increase their traffic by getting visitors to visit their lands and visitors get paid 1 L$ or more just for visiting.

This version of Gold Piggy is no group activation which means anyone who touches the Gold Piggy can take Lindens without a group tag or a group set.

To have a customised longer waiting time or giving out different amounts of lindens then contact Kaitlin Rayna to discuss. Please note there could be a small fee to customising changes.

How it works for Visitors:

When a gold piggy is active and has a budget, a visitor will come and click on the gold piggy they will be asked a bot question that they must answer so no bots and no cheating. If they get the question correct then they must wait 5 minutes before getting paid 1L$ or more depending on the gold piggy and the budget the land or store owner sets. In this waiting period, visitors can look around the store but must stay within a range of 20 meters. If they wander too far then the gold piggy will reset.

When the visitor gets paid their lindens they will then be given a suggestion of the next random gold piggy location to visit, if they have visited all locations then they will be not given any more suggestions and must try again the next day. The gold piggy has a memory and will recognise who has been paid for the day so after they been paid their 1 L$ they cannot get more until the next day when the gold piggy resets within a 24 hour period.

Land and Store Owners:

To land and store owners please note that Gold Piggy is a traffic tool only and is designed to help generate traffic and drive visitors to your land or store. It does not guarantee that any of the visitors that come will buy anything, that is not how Gold Piggy works. If you are expecting all the visitors to come and buy something then Gold Piggy is not for you.

To be part of this new gold piggy network just rez a gold piggy on your land and add a budget, when the piggy gets the permissions it will automatically update on the database and your land or store will be in the list of locations for visitors to come visit. Please note if you don't put an active budget in the gold piggy and the gold piggy is switched off then your land or store will no longer display in the database and will not show on the website. For your store or land to be shown to visitors it has to have an active budget and the gold piggy needs to be switched on.

Gold Piggy Website:

Gold Piggy Video:


After being paid your lindens you will get a suggested location of the next gold piggy to visit. Please join the Gold Piggy Hunters Group to get updates of new locations that will be added and updated regularly.

The group is for discussing gold piggys no spamming or advertising in the group, respect other members. If you break the rules you will be banned.

To join the gold piggy hunters group please contact Kaitlin Rayna secondlife:///app/group/8e97f3ed-5d8d-bcdf-5025-b7f2214c46df/about

Gold Piggy Hunters Headquarters Landmark:

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Gold Piggy Hunt Game Tutorial Video Picc
Gold Piggy Advertising Center and SL Dir
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